Thursday, 19 September 2013

Welcome my friends today I would like to introduce you to a company based in London UK who prove on a regular basis that customers are special.Learn how you can become one of the family of customers and even enjoy rewards.
 Caffe Fratelli was founded in 2003 and now counts several branches in UK and abroad. It offers strong, full bodied coffees and a range of delicious traditional Italian food such as pasta, pizza, panini. To ensure the quality of their coffee Fratelli begin with the best ingredients, starting from the top with their own specially imported unique blend, a fragrant and smooth coffee. Equal emphasis is then placed on the making of the coffee with each store using an elite, traditional coffee machine, handmade to a high specification in Italy. The idea behind CaffĂ© Fratelli is a fusion between a traditional deli and an Italian coffeehouse. It is no coincidence that the translation of the word Fratelli means 'brother'. Caffe Fratelli is as much about bringing the Italian sense of family and community to the UK as it is about bringing the best that Italy has to offer.
I have provided the link below so you can see in more detail the Fratelli experience and even the fantastic business opportunity available with a Fratelli franchise.
So if you live in London or the UK or you are visiting the country and wanting the Italian experience in England why not give them a try !!!
Join the Fratelli Family experience ......

fratelli link to website