Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Time to sit back relax in the sunshine and think about all your favourite Italian memories !!

Great food Great staff and fantastic coffee and food Caffe Corretto just off Gloucester Quays in the UK real Italians serving the best Caffe Frappe anywhere !!!!

Chiao my friends sorry for the passing of time since the last blog update I will make up for this in the coming weeks !!!!

The interior of Bliss a small but perfect Ice cream and drinks shop in Cowes Isle of Wight Hampshire at the very  southern tip of the UK.I recommend a visit and try the Coffee Frappe one of the best ever !!!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just what you need on a very hot day in England from your favourite Italian Café !!! Shared with my beautiful wife and daughter. The next time you visit Gloucester in England take a visit to Caffe Corretto near Gloucester Quays.

Everyone I hope all my friends in England are enjoying the fantastic weather perfect for a Caffe Frappuccino and some Italian cakes !!